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April 17 2015


November 08 2011




Exciting news! The first issue of ink+PAPER is out this week. This is a brand new comics magazine put together by the fabulous David O'Connell, and it includes a photo essay by yours truly. I haven't seen a hard copy yet, but David assures me it looks fantastic. That's his cover illustration up there. London Underground nerds can have fun trying to work out which tube line he's illustrated, but it's a bit of a trick question because he's incorporated several elements from different tube lines (the seating is the Design Research Unit's 1970s District Line moquette design, though).

If you're in London, come to the launch party at Orbital Comics this Friday from 7:00pm.

ink+PAPER launch

ink+PAPER will also be on sale at Saturday's Comiket fair on Saturday as part of this year's Comica Festival (another brilliant line-up of events this year). This year Comiket is being held at the newly refurbished Bishopsgate Institute. I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like.

If you can't make either of those events, it will be on sale in Orbital Comics and Gosh Comics, or you can buy it online from here.

The other big comics news this week is of course the release of Nelson, the ambitious comics anthology/exquisite corpse story told by over 50 of the UK's best comics creators, with all profits going to homeless charity Shelter. (You may remember I made some fan art of the cover.) I've been looking forward to this one for months, not just because loads of my friends are involved or because it's for a good cause, but because everything I've seen of it speaks to the dedication and creative brilliance of the people involved. I'm very excited be getting my hands on a copy tomorrow, courtesy of Alison at Space In Text. (I will be buying a copy as well. I just haven't decided whether to pick up a hardcover from the Blank Slate table at Comiket on Saturday, or one of the Frank Quitely bookplate softcovers from the Nelson launch/signing at Gosh Comics.)

November 19-25 is Nelson Week, so look for more about the book then. I strongly suspect that you're going to be hearing a lot about it in the run up to Christmas!


October 19 2011


October 18 2011


Kensal Green Cemetery

Paid a visit to Kensal Green Cemetery one quiet sunny day a few weeks ago. Had the place to myself apart from some groundskeepers and birds. Didn't find any especially famous graves (not that I was really looking), but that just gives me an excuse to go back.


October 17 2011


too tired to blog

Fun times.

Waiting at the hospital for an ECG.

never-ending corridor

follow the red line

As you've no doubt noticed, things have been quiet again here on the blog. I've been tired and run down, and under doctor's orders to take it easy while undergoing a series of tests to find out why I've been so tired and run down. Hopefully the blog will be up and running again soon, even if I'm not — I have a lot of photos to post, anyway…


September 26 2011


Headstones reduced to rubble in St Alfege Park |

@jabberworks v sad RT @owenhatherley such a horrible, bizarre story this. like a Misfits plotline, amongst other things

September 25 2011


Mystery at the monastery ends as CCTV reveals chamber of secrets' daring thief | World news | The Guardian

RT @bldgblog: Amazing: a monastery library robbed by way of "a lost map, a secret passage and a hidden entrance through a cupboard": htt ...

Lord Whisky

RT @mildlydiverting: Today's best thing: Our local animal sanctuary wants your old tea-cosies... to use as hedgehog ...


started a new collage

September 24 2011


Trusopt – a cautionary tale - scruffymutt's posterous

RT @mattleys: I'm posting the blog again so you can read the comment underneath by @ali_bird - scarcely believable

Wilton's Music Hall's Vintage Open House

@CynicalMongoose these are what I was thinking of seeing tomorrow -

yfrog Photo : Shared by siansparkles

@adamauden RT @siansparkles One of the most hideous things I have ever bought. Don't look if you are coming to #pieoff

September 23 2011

Play fullscreen
Joe Cuba - Bang Bang (Classic) - YouTube
Was sure several of my followers would have known this one! BANG BANG ah-ahhh BEEP BEEP


Went to see the Geometric Staircase in St Paul's yesterday. Sneaky pics:


Went to see the Geometric Staircase in St Paul's yesterday. Sneaky pics:

September 22 2011


Pop Stars? Nein Danke!

RT @zone_styx: prescient Momus essay from 1991 on pop music & new technology, via @frieze_magazine

border box – mammoth // building nothing out of something

RT @nicolatwilley: ...the power of the object comes from its capacity to shape its context." The political geography of containers: http ...

Jenny Diski · Diary: Which one of you is Jesus? · LRB 22 September 2011

Read this yesterday; really fascinating stuff. Three men who think they're Jesus. One reminds me of Don Quixote @Robgog
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